Suffering after an Accident

In case you’ve suffered an accident that was caused by a third party and want to receive compensation, it’s necessary to quickly schedule a consultation with a personal injury attorney as many states have statues of limitations, which restrict the amount of time you need to submit a claim. When you attend your consultation, you should bring the next seven records, so your lawyer can properly evaluate your case.

1. Your Notes About the Collision

The moment you have the time, write down what you remember about the collision. Be as detailed as you can. It’s easy to forget important details which may have an influence on the outcome of your claim.

Attempt to answer these questions about the injury when you’re writing your notes down.

– What happened prior to the collision?

– What happened during the crash?

– What was the state of your surroundings?

– Who did you speak to at the scene of the collision, and what was said?

Make certain to write about any pain you’re feeling and any discussions you had with your physician.

2. Accident Report

Probably, the most important document you should have in your appointment is an injury report.

If your injury occurred at your office or a company, an incident report should have been completed by the company owner or supervisor. If the company will not give you a copy of the report, contact an lawyer. It may be required to submit a claim before the company will provide you a copy of the incident report.

The report must name the people that were involved in the collision, how the incident occurred, the insurance information for those individuals involved in the collision, the names and contact information of witnesses, and any citations which were given.

3. Pictures

Photographs can help your attorney determine the degree of harm that was caused by your injury.

In case you were in an auto crash, you should take pictures of your car or truck, any other vehicles which were involved, the location where the incident happened, license plates, and your injuries.

Don’t forget to take photos of your injuries as they cure because the pictures can assist your attorney estimate the cost of future treatment.

4. Pay Stubs

Your pay stubs will be used to validate the number of salary you will lose.


You’ll have to take your hospital bills, discharge papers, prescription receipts, and some other medical records you received for your injury so might want to consult with a felony lawyer Chicago. Your medical records and invoices will be used to ascertain how much your treatment is anticipated to cost.


Your attorney will have to know whether you have health insurance to cover the cost of your medical care. In case you have insurance, then your lawyer will also need to know how much of your medical care that the policy will cover.


In case you were in an auto crash, you should take the declaration page of your vehicle insurance for your consultation. The statement page gives details about your insurance coverage and coverage.

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