After a Crash

Let us face it. It’s occurred to us at least once in our life: an automobile crash after a hectic day. It’s a fairly common situation to get yourself into – there are 5.25 million car accidents in the USA annually, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Immediately after the crash, the two parties might become frantic, confused and stressed over what just occurred. This is the reason it’s not unusual to forget to take the right steps following the collision.

“Though it isn’t easy to do, but first of all you must be quite clear in your head and will need to react in a very practical way to each of these issues and at the same time collect the essential information once the man is making an insurance claim,” Insure4USA said in a 2009 guide published on the business’s website.

Auto accident lawyers have issued a set of measures that drivers must take in event of an incident. It is very much important to grab a pencil and paper now and write down these measures to take if you become involved in this incident. Afterwards, put the paper in your vehicle.

Remain calm
When it is a fender bender or a severe car crash, it is always best to stay calm.

Initiate contact
After the collision, initiate contact with another driver and be sure they’re okay. Provide this information to the motorist also.

Police contact
It is always best to immediately contact law enforcement.

Having a strong majority of people having a smartphone available, it is a lot easier to shoot photos of the collision and send to your lawyer. It’s ideal to take as many pictures of the collision, the vehicles along with your environment as possible. This will help your insurance carrier and possibly your situation in case of a lawsuit.

Move vehicle
However, if it’s in any way possible, move your vehicle away from visitors, like on the shoulder or a side road. This permits visitors to move and maintains your security.

Insurance contact

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